Hip Hop Classes Houston

DJ Screw was raised in smithville texas which is a small farming community a about an hour away from Houston he loved rap music and spent a lot of time teaching himself to DJ in his room by the time he was in high school he moved to Houston with his father and lived on Houston south side and there he started making mixtapes her friends and he developed a signature style where he slowed down the tapes using the pitch control got a Miss to see I’m dodging cops on Mona but something my 603 you doing sitting on fuck number circle my cup showing hiding my ride and I’m chopping boards yella bone on my mind cuz I know they don’t drop the top a little as I turn on the corner as I turn on them cold oh baby please come spaceship sister Laura big ham cheese your nose starts to nine and I’m ready to speak by the letter top down my convertible beat gotta to look an effective sweet vibe applause do some food straight up Rick the street road knew her she would then I’ll hit the link flossing beat 600 awesome calming 19 you know I’m brothers objc blowing some color you know I’m rolling on players because it takes it to home