dance studios in houston

the casa knaves who were the first owners of the company with Fred Astaire and then from there just grew now we’re an international company in houston we have six locations that surround the houston metropolitan area and then we also have a studio in San Antonio and each year we continue to open one to two studios in Texas alone bridal parties and wedding couples come to us to learn their first dance all the way to learning a routine for the bridal party we try to put a package together so they can learn how to dance not only for the wedding but also for the rest of their lives when a bridal couple comes in we first start them off with the basics just teaching them the fundamentals of dancing just so they can get an idea of how their body needs to move then from there we just start teaching them the different dances that normally they would want to learn to dance for their first dance which is a waltz Oh rumba a Foxtrot those are the most popular wedding dances sometimes we’ll get a Viennese Waltz ahora tengo so once they go a little far-fetched so we basically teach everyone how to dance to any dance because the way Fred Astaire teaches we have a teaching method that teaches everyone how to dance how to two dances smooth and rhythm side of those two dances we can show everyone any dance did one alone when everyone comes in they’re very scared they’re nervous because like oh I can’t dance or have two left feet but we have plenty of right feet in the closet so we trade them out and we just try to make them as comfortable as as soon as possible so what the instructors is they take them step-by-step by showing them what they’re going to be doing first and then how they’re going to lead their partner how they’re going to follow and we show them timing and rhythm so they can understand how to move to the music and then from there we try to we also can choreograph a routine and that’s usually what we do for most of our bridal Fred Astaire Dance Studios is here for you know all bridal parties and future brides and grooms to come out and learn your first dance and also learn how to dance for the rest of your lives we can do anything from the thriller to Mamma Mia you know anything that they might want to learn to do together as a bar brought over we can do when they come to read a syrup we can teach them along with as many people as they would like to have and it’s all tailor-made so every program that we do fits you individually if you’d like more information go to our website predecessor Houston com it’ll give you some insight on all of our wedding and what we can do for you all of our services we have and our locations so you can pick the ones closest to you you