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Houston Texas and in this video I’m going to be talking to you about dance posture and alignment first we’re going to talk about why it is so important anyway why should you worry about proper alignment or posture in your dance the first reason is it provides the best foundation for optimal of readiness when your body is already in alignment or in proper alignment that means that your body doesn’t have to realign itself into the correct position to then execute good technique it’s already ready to go the next reason is it simply looks better when your body is balanced when the upper body is relaxed and in the right posture in position and the hips are in a neutral position your body just naturally looks better than if it is in an incorrect position so that’s why it’s so important the last one is it simply safer when there are imbalances in the body when the body is out of alignment it’s much more easy for the body to become stressed or strained or injured in certain areas and so that’s why it’s important to really get into good alignment as soon as possible you’re probably asking yourself so what is good alignment and how do I know is line in alignment or out of alignment well I’ve got a six point checklist that will help you determine just that so the first point on the checklist is the feet we’re going to start from the ground up so the feet or right under the hips toes or forward this is important detail you want to make sure that the feet are not open and are not closed but are facing absolutely forward the next checkpoint is soft knees when the knees are soft they prepare the hip to do any sort of hip work when the knees are locked you can’t do anything if they’re too vent is a real strain on the knees and on the less so you want to maintain just a little bit of softness in the knees the next checkpoint is the hips so here you want to maintain a neutral hip with a very slight tailbone tub that’s going to open up the lower back you don’t want to tilt the hips way forward where the tailbone comes up like this in the back nor do you want to tuck it way up under your body and strain and put a lot of attention and pressure here on your ass but you just want to relax just little and tuck the tailbone just a little so the back is straight and long down low so checkpoint 4 is upper back is relaxed and stepped over the hip okay so a good indicator is what the ribs are doing you don’t want the ribs way over the hips forward nor do you want it way back like this so the back is swaying towards the back behind you you want those ribs stepped right over the hip you want to be careful that you’re not squeezing the shoulder tight behind you nor do you want to contrast your pectoral muscles and squeeze the shoulders forward you want to just have the upper back and the chest relax stepping naturally over the hips the next checkpoint is the shoulders that they are relaxed and down and not pulling up like this with tension like if you’re holding your arms out you don’t want to be squeezing them up here you want to just be relaxing to them down not pulling this forward again with your pectoral nor squeeze exam and back okay bring in the shoulder blades together you want to just relax that keeping the shoulders down and neutral and then the last checkpoint is actually your head you want the feeling as if it’s being softly pulled up and extended space looking forward you want to be careful that you’re not always looking down or that you’re not looking up or that you’re jutting out your face or maybe pulling back your head you just want to get the head stepped over the ribs and the ribs stopped over the gift over the knees and over two feet so I hope that the sixth checkpoint have really helped you to know maybe some things that you need to be looking at in regards to your alignment because anything off anything off the phase-in use the hips the upper back the shoulders the head is going to throw off your dancing your technique in sunlight so the sooner that you can get your body in to proper alignment the sooner you can be executing that good technique with ease if you find that you work on these checkpoints and you’re still feeling different in the body or that something isn’t right or you’re feeling like your alignment is still off I would  highly recommend going to see a specialist either in Sports Medicine physical therapy or your doctor even to see what you can do to correct your alignment because if you’re out of alignment you won’t ever be able to really execute dance properly so once you get that cleared up you have a better chance of actually dancing better or with good technique thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video if you enjoyed it please like subscribe and I would love to hear your comments down below if you have any suggestions or ideas on future videos or even if you have a problem with your own dancing I would love to hear about it and maybe even make a video to help you with your problem